Steam & Process offers on-stream valve repair services to eliminate production loss and safety hazards caused by leaky valves.

Leaky Bonnet Valves

With one of the highest success rates in sealing pressure bonnet leaks in the industry, S&P can seal leaks on virtually any design of bonnet valves. We can also fabricate clamps or enclosures and inject an appropriate sealant for your system to repair leaks due to cracked or broken valve bodies. S&P also can design a total valve enclosure system to enable the continued operation of your valve after the repair.

Valve Repacking

Steam & Process specializes in the on-site repacking of vavles using injected packing material. Our valve packing material exceeds the service life of conventional packing and is compatible with multiple processes. This leaves you with an operable valve with a full stuffing box for future adjustments.

S&P's valve repacking methods are focused on efficiency. We can repack several valves in the same amount of time it takes to repack a single valve using conventional methods. We can perform these procedures during a unit outage or in full operating conditions.

S&P also offers conventional valve repacking services during shutdowns or turn-arounds.

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