The Concrete Repair Services Division at Steam & Process can provide you with engineered solutions related to structural maintenance and repair, chemical and hazardous waste containment, and water control problems in concrete structures and soil. When economic factors prohibit new construction, we can provide cost-effective and safe alternatives to extend the life and profitability of your structure.

Our trained staff performs a detailed and complete inspection of your site before evaluating all possible procedures to ensure the development of an effective long-term solution. We will keep you informed by presenting all the necessary repairs and jobsite considerations in a concise proposal format.

Steam & Process offers top-quality products and solutions for your resurfacing, repairing, and protection needs. We provide a full line of concrete repair Novalar™ products for your particular situation.

By understanding the cause of the deterioration and damage of your concrete, we can correct the problem and restore structural integrity to your facility. We specialize in a range of concrete repair services including spall and leak repair, chemical and polymer grouting, and overlays and coatings.

Concrete Repair Services

Structural Repair

Soil Stabilization

  • Chemical Grouting
  • Particulate Grouting

Core Drilling

  • Core Samplings
  • Pipe Penetrations

Leak Stoppage

Coatings and Non-Skid Linings


Explanation of Services

Urethane Injections

Our urethane injections react with water, expanding in place and forming an impermeable seal, stopping all water flow.

Our urethane-injected seals are so effective because they form a chemical bond to dry or wet surfaces, they stick to all surfaces by entering pores and voids, and they expand in place to form a tight seal in any cracks or joints.

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Roof Repair

We use a material that produces a seamless industrial grade membrane unaffected by UV exposure. It remains flexible and impermeable to temperatures as low as -30°C and is suitable for immersion or pounding water. We can apply this material over your existing roof, built-ups, or metal.

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Coatings and Linings

We have various coatings and liners available to service industries using toxic and corrosive materials. Our liners and seals can act as required secondary containment for storage vessels, above and below grade, in he event of a malfunction. Click here to see our full line of Novalar™ products for concrete repair.

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Slab Jacking and Void Stabilization

We have the necessary equipment to jack concrete floors that have settled below grade due to improper compaction or water movement under the slab. We also can pump cementitious materials under slabs to fill voids before slabs have a chance to settle. Both of these procedures can restore the structural integrity of your concrete structure.

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Epoxy Injection

Our epoxies can bring a structure back to its original integrity. We can inject our epoxies directly into cracks and "weld" the structure back into place, creating an epoxy bond stronger than the original concrete.

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